Clarke hints at move to IPL

Former Australian test skipper Michael Clarke says he has considered returning to play in the IPL now that his international career is over.

Speaking on radio, Clarke said going back to the Indian Premier League remains a possibility.“That’s probably one of the things I’ve got to think about over the next week or so,” Clarke told Triple M’s Hot Breakfast.

“What I’m going to do there, am I going to look at that as an option?


“I’ll spend the next few days trying to sum that up. See where my mind is at, see where my body is at and have a good think about it.

“Kyly and I are going to go away for a week or so before I fly back home. And that’s just going to give me some time to have a think about what I’m going to do when I get home. “I haven’t had a chance to press stop and have a think about things. Now I’ve finally got that opportunity I just want to make the most of that and spend some time with her and have a really good think.”

“It’s exciting,” Clarke said of his future away from playing cricket. “Cricket’s been in my life since the age of six when I started playing this great game. I think it’ll always be in my blood but it’s exciting now to try some new things that I’m really looking forward to.”

Clarke will definitely be playing cricket this summer as he signed a two-year contract in April to captain the Melbourne Stars in the BBL.