Classic car owners on the Tweed affected by law change

TWEED residents are getting used to some new rules which apply to anyone who owns a street rod.

Member for Tweed, Geoff Provest, has welcomed a new standard that come into effect last week allowing safer “street rods” to be fully registered for use on NSW roads.

A street rod is a modified vehicle that has a body and frame built before 1949, or is a replica of a vehicle, the body and frame of which were built before 1949.


“In December last year, the Minister for Roads & Ports, Duncan Gay, announced that new National Guidelines for the Construction and Modification of Street Rods in Australia was jointly approved by the Australian Street Rod Federation and the Australian Motor Vehicle Certification Board,” Mr Provest said.

“Since then, a NSW Supplement has been developed to cover some additional safety and performance features necessary for vehicles to be fully registered on the NSW road network.

“Full registration means street rods can be used on NSW roads without the restrictions applicable under the Conditional Registration Scheme for Street Rods.”

Mr Provest spoke with the organiser of the Car Committee for “Cooly Rocks On”, Dan Hall, about the new standard this morning.

“Dan was quite excited and believes this is a significant move forward that will enable car enthusiasts to make the most of their specialty vehicles without the constraints of conditional registration,” Mr Provest said.

Before a street rod can be registered, it must be assessed against the new standards by a licensed certifier allowed to assess individually constructed vehicles under the Roads and Maritime Services’ Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme.

However, those who only want to use their street rods on a limited basis, the Registration Requirements and Construction Guidelines for Street Rods in NSW can still be used for limited registration under the Conditional Registration Scheme for Street Rods.

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