Cleaner sacked over cuppa wins a payout and his job back

A cleaner has won the right to get his job back and received damages after being sacked for having a cup of coffee prior to his shift.

The man, who is an international student on a visa and has a Masters degree in IT, was working as a part-time cleaner for Glad Group Pty Ltd in Sydney’s CBD when dobbed in by a manager in January.

He claims he was having a cup of coffee with another cleaner while waiting for their shift to start when a manager asked where the coffee was from.


She told the men they were “not allowed to make coffee”.

When they explained they were unaware of the rule and apologised, the woman replied ‘OK’, which the cleaner took as the apology being accepted.

But the manager went on to report the incident and the cleaners were sacked.

One of the men won an unfair dismissal claim and will receive $9187.20 in damages and is also entitled to get his old job back.