Cleary slapped with $1000 fine from police for breaching social-distancing rules

Penrith star Nathan Cleary has been fined by NSW police for allegedly breaching coronavirus social distancing laws on Anzac Day.

The Panthers player was originally cleared by police when images of the 22-year-old posing with friends at his Penrith house emerged online.

The five women in the photo were slapped with $1000 fines for flouting the laws, however Clearly escaped punishment after telling officers and the NRL that he had no idea the women were coming over to his home.


Just days later, Tik Tok videos featuring the same women and Cleary were discovered, contradicting the young star’s original story that the women were only at his home for 10 minutes while they waited for an Uber.

It prompted the NRL to issue Cleary with a two-match ban and $30,000 fine for being ‘untruthful’ in dealings with the Integrity Unit after it was revealed he had allegedly left his own home to travel to a friends.

As a result, police have now also issued the Panthers halfback with a $1000 Penalty Infringement Notice for non-essential travel.

The fine was sent through to the NRL star via email about 2.00pm this afternoon.

Cleary’s housemate and fellow Panthers star Tyrone May has also been issued with a $15,000 fine and two-match ban from the NRL over the incident.

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