Clive Palmer faces another grilling in court.

Clive Palmer will return to court today where he’ll be grilled for a third time over the collapse of Queensland Nickel (QN) and the loss of hundreds of jobs.

He is being put under scrutiny in the Federal Court about the influence he exerted on the Townsville refinery before it collapsed earlier this year, with the loss of almost 800 jobs and debts of about $300 million.

His bodyguards have been involved in scuffles with media crews as the businessman entered and left the court.


He has consistently denied acting as a shadow director of the company, but if it can be shown that’s not true he could be held liable if QN kept trading past the point where it could cover its debts.

Earlier this week Mr Palmer failed to explain why he sent an abusive email to his nephew and former QN chief Clive Mensink, warning him he could ruin everything if he continued to try to “cover his arse”.

“I told you what to do. Do it. Do not send me anything to cover your arse or you f*** everything . Do not contact me by email again,” it read.

The email was written under Mr Palmer’s Terry Smith alias, when the company was close to collapse and he was asking the Queensland government for a $25 million loan to deal with a cash flow crisis.