Clive Palmer loses his cool in Canberra

FEDERAL MP Clive Palmer lashed out at journalists in Canberra on Tuesday, after being questioned over an outburst by Senator Jacqui Lambie.

The Palmer United Party Senator’s under fire from the Islamic community, after claiming those who adhere to Sharia Law should be booted out of the country.

She’s been accused of being racist and insensitive.


The Gold Coast mining magnate hit out at a journalist, who asked if he’d criticised Senator Lambie’s intelligence.

He replied that he didn’t think the woman asking the questions was very bright.

Mr Palmer tried to explain the situation to journalists in Canberra, and told media when we compare religions we need to be fair and balanced, adding his views differ from those of Senator Lambie.

He also says he’s Roman Catholic so he’s governed by Cannon Law, before he was interrupted again.

Mr Palmer demanded to be allowed to finish his sentence and eventually refused to answer any more questions from that female journalist.