Clive Palmer: “My wife doesn’t vote for me”

IN a stunning admission, Gold Coast businessman-turned-politician Clive Palmer has revealed, his own wife does not vote for him.

Not only that, Anna Palmer is responsible for a $42,000 donation made to the Liberal National Party, months after her husband set up rival Palmer United Party. reports, the Palmers donated a combined $48,300 to the LNP and related parties in the past year, according to documents lodged with the Australian Electoral Commission.


That’s despite Mr Palmer’s dramatic falling out with Tony Abbott and Campbell Newman.

But the now MP says the largest donation in this period – for $42,000 in June 2013 – was so his wife could attend a dinner with Mr Abbott.

“My wife is an independent person. She doesn’t vote for me, she votes for other parties. That’s her business,” the mining giant said.

“It is her political right. You can’t have husbands telling women what to do,” he added.

“She has access to my funds, they are her funds. I just sign the cheques.”

Mr Palmer was once one of the largest donors to the LNP but renounced his life membership of the party in November 2012.

The businessman and new political force handed one donation of $1300 to the LNP in April 2013 claiming it was “probably an invoice from before that time”.