Clive Palmer silent on budget measures

WEALTHY Gold Coaster Clive Palmer has refused to speak to the Coalition until he gets his way.

The Federal MP has called on the government to provide his party with more advisers ahead of it sharing the balance of power in the Senate.

Mr Palmer wrote to the Prime Minister to ask for a similar amount of assistance as what is provided to the Australian Greens, to consider budget measures.


The mining magnate told the ABC he wanted the extra resources as soon as possible so the Palmer United Party could make its decisions known.

He admitted his request had been rejected, but maintained that his party could not talk to the Government about legislation they know nothing about.

The ABC asked Mr Palmer why, if he has previously lamented that he is burdened by having too much money, he does not just pay for these advisers out of his own pocket.

He replied that it is a matter of respect and “it’s a matter of what’s fair for the Australian people, I don’t keep my salary I donate it to charity”.

When asked for names of charities he donates to the self proclaimed billionaire said he donated to all charities in his electorate of Fairfax “from surf clubs to lifesaving clubs” before adding “we’ll be publishing a list of those in the next couple of months after everyone’s received their donations”.

But when asked to provide one name, he replied “no I don’t want to embarrass someone and have fifty reporters at that charity tomorrow”.

The Palmer United Party will have three senators from July 1, after forming an agreement with the Australian Motoring Enthusiast Party’s Ricky Muir, giving it four out of the six extra votes the government will need to pass laws.