Clive Palmer suffering foot in mouth

Clive Palmer has today defended comments levelled at the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff.

The Gold Coast mining magnate spoke to reporters in Canberra and denied he was being sexist for suggesting Peta Credlin stood to benefit from the government’s paid parental leave scheme.

Mr Palmer said Ms Credlin stood to make a massive benefit if she got pregnant.


“I believe as chief of staff, regardless of whether she is a woman or man, she exercises undue influence on government policy to the detriment of many of the elected members of parliament,” he told media in the capital.

The Palmer United Party leader also said he was not aware of Ms Credlin’s struggle with IVF treatment and made the comments because they concerned policy.

But one journalist raised the fact that the scheme was proposed before Ms Credlin worked for Mr Abbott.

Mr Palmer was forced to backtrack after he said “she’s the top enchilada. She’s the top dog – oh, I shouldn’t say that. She’s the boss. She’s chief of staff. She’s the top person”.