Clive Palmer to sue Campbell Newman for defamation

PALMER United Party (PUP) leader Clive Palmer has announced he will sue Campbell Newman for defamation.

Over the weekend, the Premier alleged the Gold Coaster is trying to buy governments around Australia.

The comments come after the defection of three Northern Territory CLP members to the Palmer United Party.


During a press conference with Prime Minister Tony Abbott on Sunday, Mr Newman said, “This is a guy who tried to buy a government, my government, we said ‘go away, we’re not for sale’.  As a result he has gone on a rampage around Australia trying to buy other people and buy people’s votes and we are seeing that in the Northern Territory today.”

“What offers were made to get them to jump ship?  I reckon if he’s consistent with the way he operates around the nation, he’s busy trying to buy votes and buy people. That’s what he does.”

Mr Palmer said Campbell Newman’s comments are defamatory.

“At no time have I ever offered the Newman government or any member of parliament any money or inducements,” he said.

The mining magnate announced in a press conference on Monday that he will start defamation proceedings in the Supreme Court.

“This, like any other court case I’ve been involved in, will not involve a settlement or a negotiation,” he said.

“You can rest assured that Campbell Newman has got a great respect for the judiciary and will have his opportunity to present the facts of the matter in court.”