Close call as ‘object’ blown off from high rise building

RESIDENTS and tourists staying in high rise buildings on the Gold Coast are being urged to secure items on their balconies following a frightening incident in Broadbeach.

A woman pushing a baby in a pram was almost hit by an object that was blown off one of The Oracle towers just before 2pm.

It comes as the Gold Coast is buffeted by 80km/h wind gusts, whipped up by Cyclone Oma offshore. An 89km/h gusts was recorded at the Seaway at 11.39am.


A woman who wished not to be named told myGC she watch on in horror from her car as the object smashed onto the pavement.

“The object came down and smashed right in front of the woman and her baby,” the woman told myGC.

“One more step and it would have landed right on top of them.”

The woman was in a car, stopped at traffic lights when she saw the terrifying incident unfolded.

“I’m not sure what the object was. It didn’t look like a window pane, but it made an awful smash.

“It was like a bomb going off.”

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Although left shaken after the close call, the woman and child were not physically injured.

Meanwhile, wild winds have felled a large gum tree that has come down across the M1 at Elanora.

The tree is blocking at least one lane and is causing delays for motorists trying to get through the area.

Crews are on the scene, working to remove the debris.

(Supplied/Claire Geard)