Close call for pregnant supermodel

Pregnant supermodel Megan Gale has revealed she was in a car accident in early January.

The 38 year old told WHO Magazine she was rear-ended and flung into the car in front at a T-junction in Melbourne.

The former face of David Jones said “it was a horrible experience, and the first time I felt really scared and protective of the baby. I was a mess. Everything ended up being fine, but it was the first time those fierce maternal instincts just kicked in,” she says, adding that she caught a taxi directly to her obstetrician for an emergency scan following the accident.


Gale is currently five months into her pregnancy and told WHO she had always wanted to be a mum.  She detailed her ‘supportive’ three-year relationship with 25-year-old AFL football star Shaun Hampson and the complications she faced conceiving.

Megan (pictured right with Hampson thanks to wrapped up by saying “if there’s any message I want to send it’s for people to please stop prodding women about when they’re going to fall pregnant.”