Close shave for Titans star to save critically endangered bilby

TITANS player Nate Myles is urging Gold Coasters to get behind him in the fight to save one of Australia’s most iconic critters – the bilby.

This Friday, the Australian Test and State of Origin play-maker will find himself in a close shave for Bilbies to mark Threatened Species Day.

These days, a football player without a beard is a ‘rare and endangered’ species so Myles plans to lose his chin locks to raise awareness for the bilby.


Bilbies are under severe threat from cats and foxes, with only an estimated 400 to 600 left in the wild in Queensland.

Today, Myles got up close and personal with the Hannah the bilby at Dreamworld.

The two and a half year old female is part of a national breeding program to save the species.

Save The Bilby Fund CEO Kevin Bradley said he hopes to see Nate raise $5,000 and that every single dollar makes a difference.

“We’re thrilled by Nate’s gesture and we really hope everyone will get behind him and raise as much money as possible for this crucial cause,” he said.

Myles’ shave will take place at Queen Street Mall in Brisbane on Friday. Zoos and wildlife parks from around South East Queensland will be there with a host of snappy and slimy species and feathery and furry friends to encourage the public to get their paws behind the cause.

You can help save the bilby and sponsor Nate’s shave by clicking here.