UPDATE | Co-accused in Det Damian Leeding killing to be paroled

UPDATE April 16 2019 | THE MOTHER of slain Gold Coast Detective Damian Leeding has confirmed, one of the men jailed over his killing will walk free today and return to the city that her son fought to protect.

Julie Waters has spoken to the Today Show, revealing how she wrote two letters to the Parole Board, begging them not to grant parole to Benjamin Ernest Power.

However, he was successful in his bid, and will be released from jail some time today.


“I know he will be wearing an electronic tracking device and can only go to certain areas of the Gold Coast and associate with certain people,” Ms Waters told Today.

She explained that in her two letters, she requested that he not reside on the Gold Coast.

“Unfortunately, the response to that was that he would be residing on the Gold Coast,” she explained.

“It was then I asked for particular areas that he could not go to.

“However, the monitoring device is only on for three months and at the end of the parole period he can go wherever he likes anyway.

“I don’t believe anybody involved in the murder of anybody should be released from jail, ever.

“He’s a serious violent offender, I don’t understand how this happens.”

EARLIER April 15 2019 | A MAN JAILED for for his involvement in the killing of Gold Coast Detective Damian Leeding will be set free within days.

Benjamin Ernest Power was with shooter Phillip Graeme Abell and co-accused Donna McAvoy when the trio stormed the Pacific Pines Tavern in May 2011.

The armed trio threatened staff and stole bags of cash before trying to escape.

But, Det Leeding and his partner had arrived on the scene and confronted them. He was shot at close range by Abell, who is serving a live sentence.

In 2014, Power was convicted of Det Leeding’s manslaughter and sentenced to nine years behind bars.

But, less than five-years later he became eligible for parole – in August 2018.

At the time, Det Leeding’s mother, Julie Waters, made a heartfelt appeal to the Parole Board and Power was kept behind bars.

Now, according to The Gold Coast Bulletin Ms Waters has been notified of a successful bid by Power to be freed.

He will walk free tomorrow. But, Ms Waters will do everything in her power to ensure he is handed strict parole conditions.