Coalition to face more questions over Barnaby Joyce affair

A Nationals party room meeting is set to be held today, as more questions are raised over the handling of Barnaby Joyce’s affair.

It comes after Deputy Labor leader Tanya Plibersek called on the government to reveal details about the jobs given to Vikki Campion with Nationals MPs after her relationship with Mr Joyce surfaced.

“The only area in which there is a genuine public interest is in the area of the expenditure of taxpayers funds and there have been questions over the last couple of days about jobs that have been created for Vikki Campion, the expenditure of taxpayer funds on travel,” Ms Plibersek told the ABC on Sunday.


“I think those are areas where the prime minister and the deputy prime minister ought to be fully transparent.”

Ms Campion was initially a media advisor in the deputy prime minister’s office before working for cabinet minister Matt Canavan.

When Senator Canavan was forced to step down from the front bench over the dual-citizenship debacle, Ms Campion was then moved to the office of Damian Drum.

The issue has caused internal division in the Nationals as they look towards the next election.

Some MP’s are worried it could cost crucial conservative votes in rural areas.

Some have already started a discussion about who could possibly replace Joyce should the issue continue but many believe it won’t come to that.