Coast’s wastewater treatment network to get $350M upgrade

The city’s wastewater treatment plants and network will receive a $350 million upgrade in the coming years, council has today confirmed.

The long-term project will include the installation of an offshore outflow pipe around 2km east of South Stradbroke Island.

“The pipe will be tunnelled under the Broadwater and under South Stradbroke Island, well north of where the surfing community enjoys the break known as The Other Side,” Mayor Tom Tate said on Thursday.


“It’s an environmentally smart option as it means no dredging and we will be able to pump our treated water 24 hours a day. Currently, the pipe release is within the seaway meaning we only pump when there is an outgoing tide.”

The Mayor said the significant upgrade was very much needed due to the city’s population growth.

“We have been putting money aside in reserve to plan for this as Council remains committed to low rate increases for the coming years,” Mayor Tate said.

“With the Spit Masterplan now underway, I have advised the Minister that we are willing to offer some of this treated water to those who care for the greenery all along the Spit.

“The treated water could ensure the Spit is the greenest of all our parks and the best part is, the water is right there being pumped along our recycled water pipeline.

“I hope the State’s masterplan outcomes allow for this innovative solution, delivering treated water to the Spit so we can keep it green every day of the year.”

The first stage of the $350 million long-term project has been let, with John Holland construction recently awarded a $70 million tender.