Coffee’s clogging the Coast

Just to be clear – I like a fresh cup of coffee as much as the next caffeine addict. I’m a one-a-day girl myself: latte with two sugars (don’t judge).

But SERIOUSLY – how many coffee shops do we need on the Gold Coast and can they really all survive? I feel like I can never let my guard down and claim a particular café as my own because every time I turn around an even trendier option has popped up promising the ‘best coffee on the Coast’.

Who am I to question? Loyalty has no place when it comes to coffee. My only option is to up my intake to two-a-day just so I can sample all contenders and come up with a legitimate favourite.


To break into the Gold Coast coffee market, the formula for success seems to be pretty simple. You need:

  • A shopfront that can almost fit two grown adults.
  • A shiny coffee machine.
  • A barista with at least one oddly placed tattoo.
  • Up-cycled furniture or any décor that you can pass off as vintage or retro is sure to wow your customers.

Of course the coffee needs to be top notch – as subjective as this is. You could use the formula outlined above or just look for the most crowded one around. Of course, that is likely to change by next week. Did you know that there are coffee tasting courses that you can do now, just like wine tasting?

It has become an art form. How did we ever survive back in the percolated and plunge days? It is like reminiscing about ‘80’s hair or fluoro lycra – cringe!

As a result of the exponential increase in coffee shops on the Coast, we have become coffee snobs; we hardly have a choice in the matter with the fierce competition.

We also have a brand new fashion accessory: the take away cup with a plastic sippy lid (aka the adult baby bottle).

Have a think about it: this constant fixture in our hand is just as much a social prop as it is a social crutch. In my opinion, we use this cup for comfort just as much as we do for sustenance.

The next time you’re out for a walk around the shops on the Gold Coast, humour me and take a 360-degree spin to count how many coffee shops you can see. Even if you can’t see one, just follow the smell of those robust Arabica beans.

The Coast really is getting clogged with coffee.

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