Coke turning Springbook into ‘drybrook’

THE Australian Greens are alarmed by reports that the world’s biggest soft drink company continues to extract thousands of litres of groundwater from Springbrook National Park everyday.

Coca-Cola Amatil have been draining Springbrook’s creeks, streams and waterfalls to produce their Mount Franklin spring water since 2006, but residents have called for immediate action as local water sources start to dry up.

The Bulletin reports the international company is restricted to operating between 8.30am-5pm six days a week and can take two tanker loads each day – but there was no limit on how much water they were allowed to take per visit.


It was further revealed that, under the terms of the lease agreement, Coca-Cola did not have to pay a cent for the water they collected.

“This is a precious World Heritage Area and big business is reportedly being allowed to suck it dry for private profit,” Senator Larissa Waters, Australian Greens environment spokesperson, said.

The matter is under investigation by Gold Coast City Council’s development compliance department.

“We welcome the investigation by Gold Coast City Council into whether Coke is complying with its water extraction conditions,” Senator Waters said.

“If the existing Council conditions can’t protect the waters of Springbrook they are utterly insufficient, and should be strengthened so that Coke can’t continue to suck dry the water resources which feed this World Heritage Area.

“With Campbell Newman allowing logging in forests surrounding the Springbrook World Heritage Area, which were set to become national parks, this precious Queensland icon is at great risk.

“Our national parks and World Heritage Areas are there for nature and for all Queenslanders to enjoy into the future, not to be destroyed for the private mega-profits of a foreign multinational,” Senator Waters said.