Coldest May morning on the Gold Coast since 2000

The Gold Coast has woken to the coldest start of the year, and the coldest May morning in 19 years.

Temperatures got down to just 3.6 degrees in Coolangatta, while residents in Canungra woke to just one degree.

Cool overnight temperatures have been on the cards for the Coast all week, with minimum temps predicted around eight degrees each night until the weekend.


Adam Blazak from the Bureau said it can be tricky to forecast just how low the minimum temperatures will go.

“We can sometimes see when the winds go really calm, that’s when the temperatures get really low.

“Minimum temps are highly dependent on how much wind is around at the time.

“So when the winds are calm, the minimum temperatures go very low,” Mr Blazak said.

The icy starts aren’t over just yet, we’re being told that we can expect another cold burst to move across the Gold Coast on Friday night.

“We had a trough move through the area earlier in the week, and behind the trough was a lot of cool and dry air.

“And that dry air extends all the way up to the atmosphere.

“We can expect to see that continue a little bit tomorrow then on Friday we have a secondary cold burst moving through.

“So Friday into Saturday might be another really cold start as well,” Mr Blazak said.

Don’t pack the woolies away just yet Gold Coast…