Coles imposes tighter buying ban on baby formula

Supermarket giant Coles has imposed tighter buying bans on baby formula amid a mass shortage.

It’s believed fearful Chinese parents are turning to Australian-made products after a number of deadly domestic formula scares.

One contamination incident killed six babies and made 300,000 others sick across the country.


Last week, Coles was limiting customers to four tins each, but have confirmed today that number has been reduced to two.

The Australian Multiple Birth Association has called on retailers to give special consideration to families with twins, triplets or more.

“We recommend that our families take along evidence of their multiples, for example their AMBA membership card or birth certificates, when shopping in person,” says Ali Mountifield, who chairs the group and is also a mother of triplets.

It’s understood the cap applies to all brands of formula.

Woolworths had already placed an eight tin cap and is yet to annoucne if it will also reduce its limit.