Coles puts call out for 5000 workers to help meet demand

Coles is looking to employ another 5000 staff at its supermarkets and liquor stores across the country to help meet the huge demand sparked by the COVID-19 crisis.

The supermarket giant has already hired more than 7000 new workers in just two weeks at a time when thousands of Australians are being laid off or stood down.

The new employees have already been fast tracked into stores right across the country.


Coles is now opening up an extra 5000 positions across Australia, providing a much needed lifeline to those who have suddenly found themselves unemployed.

Staff are need for customer service positions, stacking shelves and for home deliveries.

It’s also looking for more than 100 trade-qualified bakers.

The move by Coles comes after rival Woolworths put the call out for 20,000 staff across the country.

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Coles says it will continue to work with major employers and unions to see what job opportunities they can provide for people who have lost their jobs.

“Coles is doing everything we can to support jobs and the economy through this challenging time, while also ensuring we can provide groceries for all Australians,” Coles CEO Steven Cain said.

The company says it has also streamlined its application process and will fast track applications sent from some companies that have been forced to lay off staff, including Virgin Australia.

“We have seen a lot of demand for roles, and where we have positions available, we are making sure that we can get people into them as quickly as possible,” Mr Cain said.

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I’m on Newstart because I can’t find a job. I have applied at Coles, Woolworths etc. multiple times. They don’t want anyone over a certain age. If anyone knows of any way to get a look in, please let me know. Although Newstart has helped financially, it does nothing for an older persons self worth. I would much rather be working than be on the dole.

Action Workforce is looking for staff, for Coles Merchandising and they do night shift too..Im sure ive seen them advertise for staff recently and they dont take on only young staff..I worked for them last year and I was 50, but had to stop due to 2 heart attacks..Worth giving them a try.

Keep trying is all I can suggest. I work with a person in their mid 60s who pushes trolleys and cleans the store every day. It’s hard work but he manages well.

I have worked at a gold coast coles store as an online driver for 3 years and along with numerous other drivers we have been put out of work… Nothing for the last 10 days, I cannot believe that coles keeps saying they are hiring more people when they cant even look after there own staff first, this is obviously a publicity stunt.

our online drivers have been redeployed to work in store packing shelves etc I’m not sure if this is region specific though

Absolutely pathetic Coles. You’re opening up 5000 positions yet not once do you explain how to go about getting a job…

Tell people what to do, do we have to go online or can we apply in store? Seriously???

At least Woolworths have specifically said “come in and speak to us” but nothing from you guys…

I resent having to get online and never ever know whether you even look at the application… shame on you…

I totally agree . I tried to apply for a job at coles .

with an attitude like that I don’t think you’ll be getting a job – but that’s alright I don’t think you’d like working there anyway seeing as most of us are being paid less than what the dole pays per week nowadays..

How much they pay per hour?

Don’t you even dare judge my attitude, you have no idea who I am or where I’m coming from. And just so you know, I have never EVER in my entire life been on the dole!!!

you’re sitting on a public forum calling the them pathetic yet you want them to give you a job – as far as attitude I think most would agree. Sign up online like the rest of us had to.

I’m available 24 hours 7 days

I think they are hiring a “certain age” because I applied in several similar positions and never got even an email

I’m looking for work, I don’t mind working at Coles, local only. Don’t mind traveling to the city store or close to Redfern.

My age is 55 I don’t have experience but am willing to learn.

i cant find any more jobs on the coles website then there was two or three weeks ago

Applied at coles and woolies was told they have to hire airline staff first and pub staff so what a crock! There are no jobs at either coles or woolies unless you want to drive a truck! They are just making out they are helping!

Hi, I have no experience but I am hard worker, I try to best give me a chance. I can do work anywhere thanks.

I’m available seven days a week

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