Coles to keep offering free reusable bags as customers struggle with plastic ban

Coles is extending its offer free reusable plastic bags as customers still come to grips with the ban on single use bags.

The supermarket giant scrapped single-use bags in supermarkets around the country from July 1 which coincided with a statewide ban introduced in Queensland.

But Coles and rival Woolworths have faced major backlash from customers who weren’t prepared for the change.


Coles began offering free reusable plastic bags to help customers with the changes but that offer was due to end today.

However it will now be extended indefinitely.

A spokesperson for Coles says while customers were starting to embrace the change, some were still finding they were short of bags at the checkout and need more time to make the transition.

Environmental groups have attacked the move describing it as weak and saying the reusable bags aren’t much better than the single-use ones.