Coles to recommence charging customers for reusable bags following public backlash

COLES has bowed to public pressure and announced it will recommence charging its customers for reusable plastic bags from next month.

It comes just one day after the supermarket giant announced it would continue to hand out its 15 cent bags for free, indefinitely.

But in a message to the retailer’s 115,000 staff on Wednesday, Managing Director John Durkan said the freebies would stop at the end of the month.


“We are extending our complimentary bag offer until Wednesday 29 August for our customers in QLD, NSW, VIC and WA,” he said in the email.

“I appreciate this transition phase is taking longer than anticipated but it is absolutely the right thing to do by our customers.

“As you would have experienced first-hand in stores, this has been a big and difficult change for many of our customers.”

Coles will start charging customers for its reusable bags again on August 30 – one day after the retailer’s successful marketing campaign, Little Shop, comes to an end.