Colombian drug smuggler’s spectacularly bad hair day

Drug traffickers are always coming up with new and innovate ways to move their gear around the world.

But a Colombian man has come up with one of the all-time great drug smuggling and fashion fails.

The 65-year-old was arrested at Barcelona’s international airport last month after drawing the attention of customs officials when he stepped off a flight from Bogota.


Police say he looked nervous, but it was his badly fitting toupee and hat that really caught their eye.

After pulling him aside and inspecting his head, they found half a kilogram of cocaine under his hairpiece.

The drugs were worth an estimated $47,000.

Spanish Police released photos of the man on Twitter, one with his questionable hair piece on and one with it off showing the drug package on his head.

They even joked on Twitter that “his hair is going to fall off!”