Colouring-in craze makes pencil factories see red

They cater for all tastes, from flowers and fairies to foxes and ferrets, but the hunger for colouring-in books for adults has triggered a crisis.

There’s a global shortage of pencils, and the factories are going into overdrive as they struggle to meet demand.

Faber Castell, the world’s largest manufacturer, has put on extra shifts at its factories to lift production.


And with adults trying their hand at producing home-grown masterpieces, the demand for high priced, high quality artist pencils has soared.

Colouring-in clubs have formed world wide, meeting in hipster cafes and trendy bars to share and compare.

And no matter what takes your fancy, whether it be Dr Who, Game of Thrones or books of elaborate tattoos you’ll find something to fit the bill.

Just be prepared to spend a day or three finishing each page.