Com. Games boss cranky over special tickets going to Gold Coast councillors

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate is refusing to defend a decision to hand out special reserved tickets for the Commonwealth Games to councillors.

A cranky Games boss Peter Beattie said the decision is totally unacceptable.

The Games Corporation Chairman said the tickets, which the City of Gold Coast has to buy, have been given in the past to the homeless, to children, or to host business delegations.


“We have no control over what the council does with them,” he said.

“That’s a matter for their conscience, but the important thing is you don’t give them free to councillors.

“That’s what’s wrong here, we didn’t know that was going to happen, but as a Games partner you just assume people will use some common sense.

“Frankly this has all been pretty badly handled, but not by us,” he said.

Mayor Tom Tate has flicked the controversy to council’s CEO Dale Dickson.

Mr Dickson is refusing to comment.

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate looking shocked

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Mayor Tate has issued a brief statement saying the issue is an operational matter.

“I have made it clear to the CEO, I don’t want any free tickets,” the statement reads.

“I went into the ballot like everyone else and paid for the ones I received for the family.”

Mr Beattie said given the controversy he would be astounded if any councillors accepted the tickets, which Goldoc would be pleased to see returned so they could be used for their intended purpose.