Com Games Federation has ‘real confidence’ in Gold Coast delivery

THE GOLD Coast has received a gold star for its progress on getting ready for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

For the past week, the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) has been checking out venues as part of its Coordination Commission (CoCom) meeting and has reported back saying it has real confidence everything will be delivered on time.

“We have seen an impressive increase in the pace and thoroughness of the cross-partner preparations for the XXI Commonwealth Games,” CoCom chair, and CGF Vice President Bruce Robertson said.


“I have no doubt that Gold Coast, Queensland and Australia will deliver a great Games; all the building blocks are in place.

“The thrilling challenge now, which I know the Games Partners welcome, is to seek out opportunities to deliver even further benefits for local communities.”

The next Coordination Commission Meeting will be held in mid-2016 when there will be just under two years until the major event which will be held in April 2018.