Com Games to be protected by the biggest security operation in Qld’s history

THE safest place to be in Australia during next year’s Commonwealth Games on the Gold Coast will be at the Games themselves.

That’s the reassurance given by GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie at the first regular monthly media briefing.

The former premier said the games will be blanketed by layers of security.


“The security around the games will be the biggest security in Queensland’s history,” Mr Beattie said.

“I say that because when people are buying tickets I want them to understand that this is going to be the safest event that we can make it.”

There will be security and checks on trains heading to the Gold Coast with specially trained uniformed and plain clothes officers scanning passengers for suspicious behaviour.

Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games Chairman Peter Beattie

GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie PHOTO: Cam Jackson /

More security checkpoints will be established at the stations, on the walks to events, and at entry points to venues themselves.

“Indeed, the safest place to be in Australia while the Games are on, is at the Games themselves,” Mr Beattie said.

While there is no specific threat of any kind, Mr Beattie said nothing could be taken for granted, and risk could never be totally eliminated.

“What you can do though, is put in place a plan of various layers to make certain you use the best personnel, the best technology and the best infrastructure to keep people safe.”