Combat the spread of harmful viruses with Termicide Pest Control

The Termicide Pest Control team have been working around the clock, and 7 days a week, helping safeguard your health against harmful viruses and bacteria.

Servicing banks, schools, office spaces, salons, shops, private homes – anywhere you are, we can be too.

Termicide’s antibacterial disinfecting services help to eliminate surface germs and pathogens which spread harmful viruses. Now more than ever we are all looking for the best way to keep ourselves as free from germs as possible, and to stay as healthy as we can.

Using Pest Management misting technology and hospital grade disinfectants and antibacterial products, Termicide is able to provide you with the peace of mind of knowing your space has been provided with the best service possible.

We have had a huge amount of our clients asking about our disinfecting service for their office spaces, homes, or in some cases both. Disinfecting services have always been something we have offered and in this current climate it is definitely something people are crying out for.

We are a locally owned and based company, with local employees who also live here in our community with their families and friends. We are always looking to help out where we can, to keep people feeling safe at work, home, or wherever they may need to be.

“Viruses can persist for days on surfaces, including plastic and stainless steel, but you’re more likely to become infected from another person.”

Termicide Pest Control has been in operation since 2000 and proudly services the full South East Queensland Region, Central Coast Queensland, and Northern Rivers New South Wales.

Call Termicide today on 07 5563 3003, or via email on to organise for their trained and committed staff to provide this service at your home or workplace today.

This work is not warranted to protect against or eliminate COVID-19 (the “coronavirus”).