Comm Games Bosses defend their decision to keep GC Aquatic Centre open air

Commonwealth Games organisers have defended their decision to not put a roof over the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre, despite criticism that the open air arena caused Australia to miss out on a Gold Medal.

Australian swimmer Emily Seebohn struggled to stay in a straight line when racing in the Women’s 100m Backstroke last night, earning a Silver Medal in the process.

She narrowly lost to Canada’s Kylie Masse.


However, GOLDOC Chairman Peter Beattie said there was never a plan to build a roof over the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre.

“After the Games it will go back to being a community pool, and therefore it will be shared by the community and the view by the people who put the bid together was that it was better to not have a roof,” he said.

Commonwealth Games Federation CEO David Grevemberg said the athletes knew well in advance that they would be swimming in an outdoor pool.

“Part of the excitement is being prepared for the conditions that are there,” he said.

“No roof,  that was one of the conditions for these particular Games.”

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How does no roof prevent swimmers from swimming in a straight line? There’s big, black lines on the bottom of the pool for a reason!

It sounds like me someone’s a sore loser and if it’s not the athlete herself complaining, then some of her fans are obviously sore losers…

I’m with Peter Beattie here – this is a non-issue.

Haha it’s bit hard to see the black lines on the bottom of the pool when yiur swimming backstroke… ??

She was swimming backstroke you muppet


Well that then begs the question, why is there not some sort of system to keep track with backstoke?

Surely it wouldn’t be hard to run flags or ropes along each lane then… I mean, I doubt she’s the first athlete this has happened to.