Comm Games drug cheat crackdown will be “a game changer”

The Queensland Government is determined that no athletes will be able to use drugs to cheat in any of next year’s Commonwealth Games events – announcing that “athletes will undergo thorough drug testing before during and after the Games.”

Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones said the event would be the cleanest Games ever, and that the measures put in place to stop cheating are “going to be a game changer.”

“Athletes will undergo thorough drug testing before, during and after the Games,” said Ms Jones.


“As part of the anti-doping regime…samples will be placed in long-term storage for future testing. That means athletes can be tested after the Games.

“We want our Games to be the safest and most successful ever and we will not tolerate drug cheats.”

Ms Jones said the Commonwealth Games Federation and the Australian Sports-Anti-Dopinng Agency (ASADA) would share their intelligence with law enforcement agencies to track down and prosecute those dealing and using banned substances.