Common job interview questions and how to answer them

LET’S take a look at some of the most common job interview questions which employers across all industries will tend to ask you as a job seeker.

We’ll also provide you with some helpful tips in how to answer these potential questions effectively and in a timely manner.

“Tell me about yourself…”
For this question be ready to talk about yourself in a logical and positive manner reflecting on your current position professionally. Within 2 minutes of answering this question, the interviewer is attempting to assess your immediate communication skill, personal confidence and linear thinking.


“Why are you leaving your current position?”
When answering this question be truthful, however do not degrade or be too negative about your previous employer or colleagues or sound like you are desperate for a job. Again, try to present your reason in a positive manner – perhaps you are seeking to expand your experiences, develop new skills or make a major career change.

“What is your biggest achievement?”
In this question the interviewer is assessing your personal confidence and ability to “brag” about yourself and your achievements in a humble manner. Therefore outline a major award which you won in your employment and what it took to achieve this or focus on what you achieved for your employer and discuss what you personally contributed to this achievement.

“Why do you believe you are the best person for the job?”
For this question mention any technical skills, a management skill and/or a personal successes and qualifications which you believe make you most qualified above other applicants.

“Have you ever achieved something you thought was impossible?”
When this question is asked, the interviewer is trying to assess what your attitude is like when achieving goals along with your work ethic and how determined you are to complete a role against all odds. To answer, describe a scenario and explain how you overcame any difficulties and succeeded.

“Is there anything you really liked or disliked about your last position?”
For this question, be honest and explain any major challenges, pressure situations, lack of opportunities to grow or smaller managerial flaws which made you leave your past position. Of course, remember to ensure that your negativity is kept to a minimum.

“How do you handle pressure?”
For this question, the interviewer is assessing how effectively you work in high pressure situations and whether you can act calmly and rationally. Here you should explain how well  you perform well under stress and provide a good example of a situation you’ve once encountered.

“Can you describe your initiative and how you apply this at work?”
For this question, describe how you are proactive, goal and results-oriented and can work independently.  Therefore demonstrate what level of self-motivation you hold  and provide an example to explain your strong work ethics and resourcefulness.

“Describe your personal growth and development over recent years”
In this question you are simply being asked to explain your growth in technical skills, personal confidence, personal learning and your ability to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

“What do you consider your most significant strength?”
Explain in detail specific strengths relating to your ability to complete tasks and manage yourself effectively. Focus on both people skills and your work related skills.  Be specific in your description.

“How do you handle difficult people or situations?”
Simply be diplomatic and aim not to offend anyone or anything as best as possible. You may also like to ask questions to get more details and break the problem into specific situations.

“Are you satisfied with your career to date?”
Simply be honest and if there is anything you wish to change or do, mention this as this will provide the interviewer with an indication of what motivates you personally in your career.

“What are your career goals?”
To approach this question, be realistic and  explain your short and long term goals.

“Why should we hire you for this position?”
Use this question to simply summarise your best assets in a humble, yet confident manner. Demonstrate in your answer that you are thoughtful, well organised in your thoughts and have a strong positive attitude and work ethic

Thanks to Monique Jeremiah from Exceptional Tuition and Resumes