Commonwealth Games campaign over for suspended Aussie swimmer

Australia’s former world number one 200m freestyle swimmer Thomas Fraser-Holmes Commonwealth Games hopes are over, after being banned from the sport for 12 months for missing three drug tests.

World Swimming’s governing body FINA confirmed the ban last night sighting the swimmer will be sidelined until June 6 2018.

The two-time Olympian missed two tests last September and another in February, triggering the ban.


His third strike was the most costly of his career, when he missed FINA testing agents after a dinner at his mother’s house on the Gold Coast. He was notified of the breach weeks later by email.

The 25-year-old was with the Dolphins in Europe for a training camp and a series of races ahead of the FINA World Championships in Hungary but will now be sent home by Swimming Australia.

Fraser Holmes has three weeks in which to appeal the matter to the Court of Arbitration for Sport.

His lawyer, Tim Fuller, said Fraser-Holmes had told the tribunal that he had returned more than 200 clean tests throughout his career and had tried to update his Whereabouts the moment he realised he had missed his scheduled window.

He said his client has never had anything to hide during his career and his suspension was on account of a technical breach, not a doping violation.

“He’s incredibly disappointed by the ruling from the FINA doping panel, particularly in light of the fact that he’s never cheated. He’s provided more than 200 cleans tests,” Fuller said.

“He gave testimony at the hearing that he’s been tested 200 times, has never been in breach and never returned a positive test. He knows there are competitors out there that have cheated the system.”

Fraser-Holmes is one of three top Australian swimmers banned or facing bans for missing drug tests.

Rio Olympic silver medallist Madeleine Groves could also face a ban after FINA claims she missed three doping tests.

Open water swimmer and Rio Olympian Jarrod Poort has three strikes against his name for missing tests and is also facing two years out of the pool