Commonwealth Games continue to deliver for the Gold Coast

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony on the Gold Coast, and the Gold Coast is still reaping benefits.

To celebrate, Mayor Tom Tate has joined with Tourism Minister Kate Jones to discuss the success of the Gold Coast in the time since.

While the Games copped a fair amount of criticism while they were happening, we were promised that the true success would be seen after the event.


Today, the statistics show that the Gold Coast City Council has booked another 50 events for the city thanks to the exposure of the Games.

“Today’s data proves that the Commonwealth Games are having a real impact on the Gold Coast’s tourism industry,” Commonwealth Games Minister Kate Jones said.

“This wouldn’t have been possible without our $1.5 billion investment in infrastructure ahead of the Commonwealth Games.”

Ms Jones went on to say the major upgrade to the Gold Coast Aquatic Centre – which was the showpiece of the swimming and diving events – was just one of many upgrades that has helped to secure new events for the Gold Coast.

“Since the Games, the Coast continues to attract high profile events at the Aquatic Centre with the pool rescue competition at the World Lifesaving Championships to be held at the venue over August and September 2024,” she said.

“The event will host 5000 competitors from 50 countries and contribute a $15 million boost to the local economy.

“This is exactly what the Commonwealth Games legacy is all about – new major events that support tourism jobs on the Gold Coast,” Ms Jones said.

Some 323 events have been held at the new or renovated venues over the past year.

Over $61 million has been generated for the Gold Coast as a result of these events.

Over 10,000 jobs have been created, and that number is expected to continue growing.

Mayor Tom Tate says the city’s pride has also grown tremendously.

“The pride of the city has never been higher.

“We just did a 2,5000 survey yesterday about the pride of the city, and out of that, 96% are proud of the city of the Gold Coast.

“When you have that, it bodes well for our capital tourism of Australia.

“When people come, they know they’re going to be hosted by people who are proud of the city,” Mayor Tate said.