Community welcomes new ambulances on northern Gold Coast

THE northern Gold Coast has welcomed two new ambulance’s fitted with the latest technology in patient care, costing more than $400,000.

Member for Coomera, Michael Crandon was delighted to announce the arrival of the new vehicles which were officially handed over to the Eagleby ambulance station this week.

Each ambulance, a Mercedes Sprinter 319, cost around $215,000 would allow the local paramedics to more effectively meet the demands of the local community.


“Ambulance personnel and the fleet at Eagleby travel many thousands of kilometres every year in response to medical emergencies,” Mr Crandon said.

“It is therefore vitally important the station has a fleet suitable and well maintained to deliver the quality service that has come to be expected in this region.

“I have been speaking with Peter Warrener, Assistant Commissioner and he has said “the new ambulances are a very welcome addition at the Helensvale ambulance station,” he said.

The two new vehicles would make ambulance response and transport safer and more comfortable for both patients and paramedics.

“The vehicles are fitted with the latest technology for the operation of both the vehicle and patient care features,” Mr Crandon said.

“It is a significant investment in the community’s safety and demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the Queensland Ambulance Service remains one of the top performing emergency service organisations in the country.

“It takes a unique person to commit themselves to a profession entirely focused on helping others and these vehicles will support personnel to provide the best possible pre-hospital medical care.”

“In 2013-14 the Newman Government will deliver 155 new and replacement ambulance vehicles to stations right across Queensland.”