Company develops 3D urns to look like the deceased

LOSING a loved one is a difficult time for everyone and understandably there’s no end to the various lengths that some humans go to remember those close to them, but one company has taken ‘memorabilia’ to the next level. 

How would you like to wake up face-to-face with your deceased love one?

A Vermont-based company, Cremation Solutions, is now printing urns that double as a lifelike of the deceased.


Taking advantage of the technology advanced world we live in, the service is offering 3D printed Personal Urns, created using 3D technology and facial recognition software to transform a two-dimensional image into a 3D model.

Now you can have your loved one’s head realistically recreated in plastic resin you can even have wigs added as an optional extra.

As well as acting as a memorial sculpture, the hollow head can also store ashes.