Complete border closure still not on the cards for Queensland

The Queensland Premier says the government isn’t currently considering fully closing the border, despite fears we won’t be able to escape an outbreak.

It comes as every New South Wales registered vehicle is checked at border crossing, to make sure they haven’t been to the recently declared Sydney hot spots of Liverpool and Campbeltown.

34 coronavirus cases have been linked to the Crossroads pub across those Sydney suburbs, with concerns now growing that cases could easily spread into Queensland.


That’s prompted calls for Queensland’s hard border closures to be brought back in, only a week after they were officially reopened.

Annastacia Palaszczuk has told The Today Show it’s not something she’s considering at the moment.

“Look, we’re not factoring that in at the moment because we’re very happy with the checks that are happening at the border.

“There are delays. We are trying to make it easier for those border communities. We know how hard it is between the Tweed and southern part of the Gold Coast.

“We’ve asked people to plan their trips if they’re coming from other parts of NSW but we’re also asking people to do the right thing and if they are sick do not come into Queensland.

“We’ve increased our testing of course across Queensland and we have almost finished the testing of the people who did attend that Crossroads Hotel so I think there’s just one outstanding test there,” the Premier said.

But the Premier’s stopped short of confirming there was no outbreaks in the state, simply hoping for the best.

I can’t give any guarantee of that (no Qld outbreaks), no-one can because we just don’t know.

“What we can do is put all the measures in place, the testing, the border checks, the strict checking at the airports when people are coming in.

“We’re doing everything we possibly can. And we do hope Victoria gets it under control. It is a worrying situation and I know the whole country is behind Victoria during this time,” she said.

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The mental health cost for border residents is obviously not factor, the anxiety of wondering how many hours it will take to return home from work is immeasurable, was much better when closed, please close the border now

I try to tell myself that at least l will not die in a traffic accident today (lol) while I’m stuck in that traffic…
I try to listen to the radio and cds and tune out of the sloooooow traffic.
I google things to do while stuck in traffic but most are designed for the passenger.
I talk to myself.
I sing.
I try to be positive.
I tell myself that at least l have a job and l am better off than many other people.
But it’s just so emotionally draining.
I pity those who do the traffic on their way to work and I’m grateful that at least my trip is homeward.
I almost cried when l heard of a lady who does the border crossing twice a day to get her kids to daycare.
What is the solution?
A ‘locals lane‘ with a different permit?
More cops (when they’re already stretched thin with other regular policing duties, I’m sure!) and 2 lanes open at each crossing?
What is the answer?

As hard as it is on our tourism industry, having the borders closed allowed Queenslanders the freedom to move around, experience a ‘staycation’ and participate in safe social gatherings. Having seen so many selfish people put at risk all that we have accomplished, I would think the best option at this stage would be to reintroduce the border closure. I doubt many would like to return to the lock down that we all experienced, but looking ahead that would appear to be not far down the track.

Yes, close the Qld border, given the very real threat of a Covid19 outbreak in Qld, I have seen numerous Vic plates, ( grey nomads with caravans), in Gympie, the area I live in & heard people bragging of getting into Qld, the back way, along the Wide Bay Hwy, close the border again, keep them out, stop the spread!

We need to start a petition to close the Qld/NSW borders again ASAP!!

If we close our border to NSW then business and travel can go on within QLD as usual. Rather than waiting for the spread that will inevitably happen

YES Close the boarders ASAP
I live in Surfers Paradise. Over the weekend I saw VIC plated cars being pulled over. Listened to locals who live in high-rises talk about the cleaners complaint about VIC guests.
I watched people urinating in the streets. I played dodge the tourist.
Who seem to think they are vacation from Social distancing . I watched intoxicated people barging into people.
I saw the tourists boats full.
As a local who has followed all the rules. Home schooled my 14 year old, supplementing the incomes of 2 my adult sons who lost their jobs and live with the constant fear of my other two sons who work on the front line and suffer asthma.
My family has gone above and beyond and yet again while tourists enjoy their vacations the locals are left to retreat.
For some of us that means locking ourselves back down. NOT FAIR we all did the hard work. Lock the boarders and reward Queenslanders with freedom of movement the ability to live without fear. WE HAVE BLOODY EARNED IT ..
The virus will not reward us for a job well done. It will take advantage of its new playground.
Question .. all other states want to holiday in Queensland .. Where can Queenslanders Go? Sure as hell none of us want to head South.

Mmmm let me see. Tourism industry vs …….EVERYTHING! No brainer really. Close the border.

All you people advocating border closures have lost the plot. Really people get a grip. Not only is it unconstitutional it causes untold economic and mental health pain and suffering. I bet all those calling for the borders to close again aren’t in the hospitality or tourism sectors where your livelihood depends on people visiting Queensland from interstate. Sure COVID is bad but it’s not the zombie apocalypse. Keep calm please?