‘Completely unacceptable’: Aussie TV crew attacked by US Police

An Australian TV crew has been attacked by US Police live on air while reporting on riots in Washington DC.

Channel Seven reporter Amelia Brace and cameraman Tim Meyers were covering protests near the White House when Police began forcing the crowd away.

Brace and Meyers took shelter by a wall as officers surged towards a huge group of protesters.


But nowhere was safe with Police indiscriminately showing their force.

Despite yelling that they were media, Myers was hit with a riot shield and punched in the face, while Brace was clubbed with a truncheon.

Both were also shot with rubber bullets and were overcome with tear gas.

Neither were seriously injured and continued to provide live coverage of the riots.

Brace says the crackdown by Police came earlier than expected and they had fully intended to leave the area before the curfew came into force.

It’s since been revealed the surge by Police was to allow Donald Trump to leave the White House for a photo opportunity at a nearby church.

This incident comes after a Nine Network crew was detained in Minneapolis on Monday despite also declaring they were from the media.

Federal Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese says it is completely unacceptable and has called on Australia’s ambassador to the US to ask questions about the incident.

“In a democratic society the role of the media is critical, and it’s important the media are able to report on events, including crises such as we’re seeing in the United States, free from harassment,” Mr Albanese said.

“The violence that has occurred towards members of the media is completely unacceptable.”

The Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance has also written to the US ambassador in Canberra to protest the attacks.

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