Concerns growing for Qld border town over Moree Covid-19 outbreak

All eyes will be on Queensland’s coronavirus update this morning, to see whether or not there have been further cases in the border town of Goondiwindi.

Three infections were diagnosed there yesterday, all linked to a growing outbreak just over the border in the NSW town of Moree.

Queensland has since booted Moree from the border bubble, in attempts to restrict movement and potential spread from the outbreak.


As of yesterday, there were 33 cases in NSW town, but that number is expected to continue growing.

While the three cases that were diagnosed in Goondiwindi don’t have Queensland authorities too concerned, due to the high rates of vaccination in that town.

Goondiwindi Mayor Lawrence Springborg told Today says it was the right call to lock Moree out of the border bubble.

“We now have got at least 40 cases I have been informed of that have grown very, very quickly and I think it is a wise move.

“Unfortunately, this impacts significantly on many people in our cross-border community,” Mr Springborg said.

More information is expected later today.

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