Concerns patients are going hungry in Gold Coast hospitals

THERE are concerns patients across Gold Coast hospitals are going hungry amid reports some have been denied proper meals.

Nurses claim to have been left dealing with frustrated patients, after Gold Coast Health swapped hot meals for one single sandwich in the short stay units at Robina and Gold Coast University Hospitals.

Staff had previously been able to order patients hot meals on request but that service was shut down in January.


Gold Coast Health told MyGC they are working to fix the issue.

“The story relates to a small number of beds in the short stay unit of the emergency department at Robina Hospital,” Gold Coast Health said.

“In our general wards, patients have always received hot meals at dinner time.

“In the Robina ED, if patients experience a stay of more than a few hours, they can also now order a hot meal.”

Shadow Minister for Heath and Member for Mudgeeraba, Ros Bates, said this is just another example of the Queensland Government’s failure.

“It is hard to believe that Steven Miles is penny pinching by rationing food for patients while wasting money changing the names of hospitals,” Ms Bates said.

“Thankfully the Gold Coast HHS has committed to fixing the problem.

“Queenslanders deserve a world class health system which should focus on the best patient care possible. Sadly, when it comes to health care, this is just another example of how Annasticia Palaszczuk’s priorities are all wrong.”

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This is absolutely true! I was in short stay twice in mid January for more then 24hours each time and hot meals were not given out. It was mixed sandwiches or cornflakes! Being that some of the patients in the short stay were older and most diabetics including myself found this to be a very dangerous situation for patients.

? Kathy and still no meals “after a few hours”

What a bunch of skuds we thought our hospitals were bad

You are surely in ED because you are ill and it is an emergency – why would you expect to be fed. If you take your car to a garage to be repaired do they provide free food – No. Once admitted then you get the food & proper healthy meals. I think being given sandwich is more than generous.

I had 4 weeks, two in GCUH and another 2 in Robina hospitals after my broken femur op recently.
I am gluten free so at times it was pretty bland and they called me low gluten? What does low gluten mean? You are either gluten free or not?
Most of the times the meals were adequate but bland. Something caused me constipation?

If you’re only there for a few hours (meaning 1-4),surely a sandwich is ok?
Different if you’re in overnight or for a few days