CONFIRMED: Body of boy taken by gator in Florida found

UPDATE:  The body of the boy taken by an alligator at Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has been found intact.

Authorities say divers found the two-year-old not far from where he was taken.  His family was walking just ahead of him when he was snatched in ankle deep water.

They say it appears the alligator grabbed the child and drowned him, then left him alone.


EARLIER: There are reports the body of the toddler, taken by a crocodile at Walt Disney World in Florida, may have been found.

The two-year-old was grabbed and dragged into a lagoon, despite his dad’s best efforts to rescue him, according to CNN.

Four alligators were captured, killed and examined but no trace of the boy’s remains were found.

Dozens of sheriff’s deputies and wildlife officials have been looking for the child’s remains.

They had been expected to use sonar technology, helicopters and a team of divers but now media outlets say the boy’s body has been located.