Confirmed case of coronavirus shuts down Logan school

UPDATE @9.45AM | The principal of a school in Logan, which has been forced to close after a staff member tested for coronavirus has addressed the media.

A number of other staff members from Parklands Christian School in Parkridge have now been placed into isolation, after coming into close contact with the woman, who’d recently returned from interstate.

A testing clinic has been set up near the school, for concerned families or anyone with symptoms to come forward and get tested.


The principal also revealed that the staff member was believed to have had ‘limited contact’ with 734 students while infectious.

It’s understood she attended the school three days last week, then called in sick this week and school was notified of the confirmed infection yesterday.

The school is closed for deep cleaning and disinfection today, with leaders working very closely with Queensland Health to stop an outbreak of the virus in Queensland.

Read the full statement below.

EARLIER @ 6.30AM | A confirmed case of coronavirus has popped up in Queensland, in a staff member at a school in Logan.

Parklands Christian School has been closed today for deep cleaning, with all staff and parents notified via an email overnight.

They were told that a staff member had tested positive for the virus yesterday afternoon.

It’s understood the female staffer had recently returned from interstate last week.

It’s the first confirmed case of coronavirus in Queensland for almost a week, and the first in months that hasn’t come from a return overseas traveller already in hotel quarantine.

A Covid-19 testing clinic is being set up in the school’s sports centre and health authorities are now working to identify close contacts.

Australia’s Deputy Chief Health Officer Nick Coatsworth told ABC everything possible is being done to stop an outbreak.

Queensland Public Health Unit are doing precisely what needs to be done. My understanding is that this was an employee of the school.

“The fact that it’s been closed, that a deep clean is being undergone, that there will be extensive testing and contact-tracing is straight out of the play book, of course, that New South Wales is using, that we endorse nationally, to get these – any chains of transmission under control.

“Of course, one case is not a chain and hopefully we’ll be able to get that under control as soon as possible.

“And we can see exactly the results of that in New South Wales where small numbers of cases everyday, but they seem to be keeping it under control with only one or two un-linked chains of transmission,” Doctor Coatsworth said.

Queensland Health has released the following statement in regards to the case, but is expected to provide a full update later today.

“A private school in the Logan area has been notified of a confirmed case of COVID-19 in an employee.
“The woman, who is under isolation, tested positive late yesterday after returning from interstate last week.
“The school will temporarily close until further notification to allow for cleaning and work will commence on contact tracing.
“We are working to determine where the virus may have been acquired, including working with the woman to gather necessary information about places she may have visited whilst infectious.
“As always, we strongly recommend everyone with symptoms to immediately get tested. Vigilance is key to keeping community transmission out of Queensland.
“We will provide further information during the day if any public health alerts are required,” the Facebook statement reads.