CONFIRMED | Ekka holiday moved to create special long weekend

PREMIER Annastacia Palaszczuk has announced the Ekka show holiday will be moved to create a special long weekend, in a bid to help boost Queensland tourism.

“For one year only, People’s Day will become the People’s Long weekend,” the Premier told parliament on Thursday.

It will see the holiday moved from Wednesday August 12 to Friday August 14, despite the event being cancelled.


“For 144 years the Ekka has been the time when the country comes to the city. This year, I call on all of us in the city to go to the bush, go to the beach or have a break and support our tourism industry,” Ms Palaszczuk said.

“I also want to acknowledge the public for putting forward this idea.”

Ms Palaszczuk also recommended a similar plan be implemented in areas with their own shows.

“Local councils outside of Brisbane will have the opportunity to make similar arrangements for their show holidays. If we can’t have sample bags we might as well pack our travel bags and enjoy this one-off special Queensland holiday to support our local businesses,” she said.

The Gold Coast Show Holiday was already scheduled for a Friday, August 28.

Tourism Minister Kate Jones encouraged families to take advantage of the new long weekend and support Queensland tourism businesses.

“This is a great win for the tourism industry,” Ms Jones said.

“We’re urging families to take advantage of the long weekend – get out of the house and support local businesses.”

RNA President David Thomas said organisers are happy to surrender the Show Holiday – just this once.

“Since we can’t have the Ekka as we usually do, it’s good that People’s Day can help other people,” he said.

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