CONFIRMED: Exactly when Queenslanders can take off the masks

It’s been confirmed, Queenslanders will soon be able to ditch the masks, once we hit an important vaccine milestone.

The Premier has this morning announced that once the state collectively hits the 80 per cent first dose rate there will be no more mask rules.

That means no masks indoors at schools, cafes, pubs, clubs or other indoor spaces.


Workplaces will also be able to go mask free.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk says that this is just another small step back to normal.

“Queenslanders have done an incredible job all through the pandemic and this is their reward.

“The more of us who are vaccinated, the faster we return to life the way it used to be.

“That means life without the need to wear masks except at airports and on planes,” the Premier said.

However, we can’t completely throw out the masks just yet. They’re still required while in airports and on planes as per federal government rules.

Queenslanders may have to return to a certain level of mask-wearing once our borders are open at the 80 per cent double dose vaccination rate.

That’s if any cases come here from New South Wales or Victoria, which health officials have been saying is inevitable.

Acting Chief Health Officer Peter Aitken yesterday said that masks are a vital form of defence against Covid.

“We know masks are very effective at reducing transmission.

“I think there’ll be an evolution in mask-wearing.

“At the moment we are in a phase where the risk is low and then we’ll enter a higher risk phase where mask-wearing will increase,” he said.

Queensland is set to hit the 80 per cent first dose mask by today or tomorrow.

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