CONFIRMED: Victoria to enter SIXTH lockdown from 8pm tonight

Victoria is set to go into lockdown again tonight for at least a week after eight new local cases came emerged on a prematurely declared ‘donut day’.

Authorities are dealing with eight new cases diagnosed since yesterday morning’s update of zero.

At least three of them are under investigation, while a majority of them were out in the community while infectious.


It’s lead to at least 15 fresh exposure sites around Melbourne’s north today, a list which is expected to grow.

It, unfortunately, means that the entire state of Victoria will be plunged into its sixth lockdown from 8.00 pm tonight for at least seven days, in an effort to avoid a situation like what’s happening in Sydney.

None of us wants to be in a situation where we have to down again but the Delta variant move so fast that with even a handful of positive cases that can’t be linked, that haven’t been in isolation through their infectious period, there is no alternative for us but to listen to our public health experts, take their advice, and make the decision the very difficult decision my cabinet colleagues and I have made on the advice, it is tricky will have to lockdown again for seven days from 8pm tonight,” Premier Daniel Andrews said in a snap press conference this afternoon.

“Five reasons to leave home. School closed, all the same reasons and rules we are well accustomed to,” he added.

Further business support is expected to be made tomorrow, which many businesses financially crippled from the last five lockdowns.

Premier Andrews says he’s disappointed to announce yet another lockdown, but the alternative is just not an option.

The alternative is we let this run that gets away from us, and our hospitals will be absolutely overwhelmed,” he said. 

“Not hundreds of patients but thousands. 

“And not just COVID-19 patients missing out on care, not just COVID-19 patients dying, but people who need intensive care, who need critical care, urgent care in the hospital system and an overrun hospital system will mean — stroke and cancer patients, people in motorcycle accidents, premature babies, all those who need that care will be compromised as well, we just can’t allow that to happen,” Premier Andrews said. 

He’s also mentioned that there has been positive sewerage results in the regional area around Wangaratta, which is why the lockdown has been announced for the whole state.

More to come.