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Confronting new app transforms your face into an ‘ICE Addict’

A confronting new app has been released with the hope it will deter people from using the dangerous drug ICE.

Being an alcohol and drug case manager, Hayden Cooke knows the effects that the drug has on the individual as well as their families, which is why he created ‘Ice Effex’ with his wife Trinity Lonel.

The app allows users to take a selfie, with their faces then transformed so that they are shown how they would look three, six, or 12 months after using the drug.


The couple, who have four teenage children, funded the Ice Effex app from their savings to buy a house, in a bid to combat the epidemic which has risen in their small Victorian town.

The app is currently available to download on iPhones from the App Store.

Photo: Facebook

Photo: Facebook