Confronting new website allows people to record their ‘death messages’

A confronting new website called ‘Once I’ve Gone’ has been launched, allowing people to record video messages for loved one’s in the event of their death.

The UK company which goes by tagline “Live for today, prepare for tomorrow,” gives people the opportunity to pre-record messages for family and friends.

“Life is an incredible journey, but sometimes we fear what’s at its end… and it’s difficult to imagine what we would say to our loved ones….what we might leave behind as a memory or imprint of what made us who we are today,” the company says on their website.


“Once I’ve Gone allows you to record your final wishes and important information so that it can be shared with your nearest and dearest when it’s your time to go to the great gig in the sky.”

Once I’ve Gone says people can record information in their video on how to access important documents such as Wills or insurance policies safely in the Vault or filing cabinet.