Congestion tax not part of city transport strategy

THE GOLD Coast will create long term traffic solutions, not quick fixes, according to Mayor Tom Tate.

He has emphatically ruled out any suggestion the city would introduce a congestion tax to sting motorists.

“It’s a lazy option and foolish to think anyone would try to tax their way out of a challenge,” Cr Tate said.


“We know the challenge of getting more people out of their vehicles and on to public transport. Not only do we know it, our Transport Strategy 2013 lays out strategies to deal with future traffic flows right across our city.

“We went to the community with the draft plan and they endorsed it. Further, we have a Travel Demand Management plan that helps encourage people to find healthy options when it comes to short commutes. Walking and cycling are two options we are pushing hard on, and we are building the necessary infrastructure to support that.”

“Anyone suggesting a congestion tax either hasn’t read the strategy or is simply looking for a lazy option to a complex challenge.”