‘Consider staying home’: Warning to Qlders as COVID fears grow

The State’s top doctor has warned Queenslanders to seriously reassess any plans to travel to New South Wales or Victoria and to consider staying at home.

It comes as a second person in hotel quarantine tests positive to the highly contagious South African strain of COVID-19.

More fragments of the virus have also been detected in sewage on the Gold Coast.


Queensland is yet to follow other states by locking out all of New South Wales, with only residents from Greater Sydney barred from entering the state.

But Chief Health Officer Jeanette Young warns that could change with little notice.

“While we are not changing any restrictions to New South Wales and Victoria at this stage, as we’ve seen, things can change really quickly with this virus, so I continue to urge Queenslanders travelling to these states to reassess their plans. If it is not necessary, then consider staying here,” Dr Young said.

“The situation in Victoria and NSW is still very concerning. Queensland is in a good position right now because we acted quickly to declare greater Sydney a hotspot.

“The health and safety of Queenslanders has and always will be our first priority when making these decisions.”

The current border closure is due to be reassessed on January 8, but it appears highly unlikely Sydney residents will be allowed back in anytime soon.

Meantime a returned traveller has been transferred to hospital after being confirmed as having the highly contagious South African strain of COVID-19.

He’s the second person in hotel quarantine in Queensland to be diagnosed with the variant.

The 50-year-old had recently travelled through South Africa, the UK and Qatar.

“This detection further highlights the importance of our hotel quarantine policy, especially for overseas travellers,” Dr Young said.

“Cases are rising at a rapid rate internationally and new variants like this one may be difficult to contain in the community. Our best approach is ensuring potential cases are detected where they pose no risk to other Queenslanders.”

Gold Coast residents are again being urged to remain vigilant after further routine testing of sewage detected more fragments of COVID-19.

Samples from the Elanora Treatment Plant on December 30 tested positive to COVID.

It comes after positive samples were detected at the Merrimac plant on December 24.

Dr Young has urged anyone in the Elanora catchment to come forward for testing even if they have only mild COVID symptoms.

“These positive test results are concerning as they may indicate either a recovered case or undetected active cases living in or visiting the area.

If there are active cases in the area, it is important that we detect them early to prevent further transmission.”

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How can your top Dr not be a infectious disease expert is beyond me

I don’t know much about the sewage system but couldn’t the sewage fragments most likely come from the quarantine hotels.

@Benny Great question! The quarantine hotels are located in Brisbane. So it could be someone who has had Covid but is no longer contagious, shedding the disease OR the worst case imaginable, it is in the community and people like Steve who believe it’s all hype aren’t getting tested and putting vulnerable people at risk. The latter is extremely serious and very dangerous.

There full of crap just scare mongering the masses again