Controlled explosion to take place in Northern Gold Coast today

Residents around the Oxenford area are being told that a ‘controlled blast’ at the quarry could be felt as earth vibrations today.

The Nucrush Group are carrying out an explosion today, located in the north east corner of the main pit of the quarry.

It’s understood the blast will take place around 12.30pm, with vibrations potentially affecting nearby residents.


Nucrush has advised that two types of vibration occur during a blast, to do with ground vibration and overpressure.

“Ground vibration radiates away from the blast site with the effect reducing as the distance from the site increases.

“Overpressure is an airborne vibration in the form of airwaves, and can cause a vibration response,” a Nucrush response to residents reads.

Anyone in the vicinity of the Oxenford Quarry is being warned that while vibrations can be felt, they are not always heard.

Division 2 Councillor William Owen Jones has provided more Q&A responses from Nucrush on his Facebook.